Shauna Zamarripa (a.k.a. The Head Cheapskate) grew up in the frugal hands of her grandparents and single mother. She has always placed a high value on being frugal and managing her money responsibly.

When she was 15, she had twins, causing her to become even more frugal than ever. And what can we say? Old habits die hard. Many people describe her as being so tight that she squeaks when she walks. And hey, we think she probably does.

But, even with that being said, it’s time you learned a little more about the head cheapskate.

A native Reno-ite, Shauna grew up, went to school and worked hard all of her life. When she found out she was pregnant at the tender age of 14, instead of terminating the pregnancy, or giving the kids up for adoption, she decided to become a mother instead. And while this put a substantial crunch on her early-life pocket book, she powered through, finished high school a year early and even earned a certification in medical transcription, which she did for a good portion of her early days; working and going to school.

An entrepreneur since 17, she started her first online business at 18, performing website and graphic design to a newly emerging tech industry. However, as the tech crunch of 2001 hit, demand for her services tanked, and her family moved from New York to Texas, forcing her to shut her business down.

After moving from New York, Shauna still shown bright, even though she was relegated to waiting tables and bar-tending for a few years. However, even in those positions, she was offered advancement, but declined. She had bigger fish to fry. Her dreams were bigger than that.

At 25, she was enrolled in several technology programs, earning a variety of highly sought after technical certifications. The director of the program was so impressed with her drive, he hired her as an admissions person. Within a year, she was one of the most highly paid admissions representatives in the county — out of 32 learning centers. A year after that, she was promoted to the campus director and was the youngest female campus director in the company, managing a large staff and earning well over six figures, while overseeing a two million dollar remodel of the center. All the while finishing her college degree, in Marketing, which she earned in 2005.

In 2006, however, Shauna decided to delve into real estate. She began working for a new home builder, quickly catapulting up the ranks to being one of the top sales people in the company. After that, she obtained her real estate licence, got into residential real estate and hit record sales numbers in a declining market.

In 2010, she had a bout with cervical cancer, that took her out of the game for a bit, but that was the thing that became the catalyst for this young entrepreneur to develop a content marketing system that she used to open her wildly successful company, Valkeryie Consulting, in late 2013.

And this blog? Well, this blog is a part of that system and was the driving force behind Shauna being promoted on the front page of Yahoo.com, Realtor.com, MSN Money.com, CNN Money and more for her expertise. In 2011, Shauna became a nationally syndicated columnist and speaker on all things money. She is still a nationally syndicated author on real estate, finance, parenting and now, even adding marketing to her repertoire.

Today, Shauna runs four blogs, administers even more and teaches her content marketing system both on line and in person boot camps, does real estate investing and property management, but still finds time to design, run and maintain all of these sites, with ease.

The woman knows money, she knows marketing and she knows how to make the most of both.

That’s why she is the head cheapskate.

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