5 Money Tips I Took from the Amish

I believe that self-sufficiency saves money. And, in my never ending
quest to save more of my money every day, I started studying the Amish
— because there is no culture quite as self-sufficient as they are in
modern days. From my studies, I adopted some simple approaches to
business and personal finance that have helped me save even more,
through common sense and self-sufficiency.

Money Saving Tips I Took from the Amish
Amish people
live a very different lifestyle than you and I do. Their culture
encourages simplicity, sharing and community; cornerstones of effective
personal finance.

No. 1: I Pursue Simplicity

From the Amish, I learned that simple solutions to common problems are
usually cheaper and more effective than complex solutions. I applied
this to the cost of ownership. For example, buying a Mercedes might feed
my ego, but the cost of maintenance and upkeep on a luxury vehicle were
(for me) excessive. This is one reason I chose to drive a Hyndai.

No. 2: I Embrace My Community

I learned that utilizing family (and community) reduces costs for
large and small projects alike. Instead of hiring a contractor to lay
some flagstone in my garden, I asked some of my neighbors for help. In
return, I helped them lay flagstone for a new patio they were building
on the side of the house. Not only did this save money, but it helped me
build a stronger sense of community with my neighbors and was great
exercise to boot.

No. 3: I Maximize All of My Resources

I am a firm believer in reducing, reusing and recycling. I am also a
firm believer in repurposing. To that end, I am the queen of hand me
down items and giving things away for free. And my generosity has paid
off, because when I need something, there is always someone I can go to
who will provide me with whatever I need for free, or for a reduced

No. 4: I Believe in Doing It Myself

Over the years, I have learned that DIY projects save my money and
help me build new skills — something the Amish do quite well. I do most
of my own home repairs and improvements, I cook my meals at home
instead of dining out and I avoid paying someone else to do something I
can do for myself.

No. 5: I Avoid Taking on Debt

Debt can be an effective tool when it comes to leveraging my cash, but
it can also quickly become a costly trap. The Amish avoid debt, and so
do I. I only have one credit card, and I pay that card off at the end of
each grace period — so that I don’t have to worry about interest.

The Amish live a life of simplicity, and that leads to smart money
choices. Having taken my cues from the Amish way of life, I estimate
that I have saved over $3,500 a year, making a simple life (for me) one
that pays off.


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